Friday, August 18, 2006

Get excite with 'i n s i g h t'

Visual art show for the art lovers and most welcome, to the art collectors from all over the cosmopolitan. The artists are dear dudes that I have known and used to hang out at their studios for eating, smoking and strumming guitar as well as reviewing theirs old and latest works.

The artists line up for the ' i n s i g h t ' are Yusuf Ghani, Shafee Ramli a.k.a. Chief, Suhaimi and Husin Hourmain. They will exhibit their art works today until 03 September 2006 at Yayasan Seni Berdaftar Artisan Centre & Gallery.

The gallery is also opened on other regular days, thus bring your passion and not to forget the cheque book as well.

Yayasan Seni Berdaftar Artisan Centre & Gallery
333, Persiaran Ritchie
55000 Kuala Lumpur

Date & Time:
19 August to 03 September 2006
10:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
10:00 a.m. – 14:00 p.m. (Sunday)

Worst viewing and worth buying…………..

Heading at the wall again……..

Hi dudes, have not been blogging for long and am thinking of writing it again if the time permits..…..

Monday, April 11, 2005

Take a break for a Kit Kat or Chit Chat?

Amboi....amboi....amboi!!....I rarely watch this program but whenever I mistakenly watch it I always think of sharing my thought with someone. Well, now I have a chance of sharing it because I mistakenly watched it again recently even though the program was about few minutes to end but at least it reminded me of the past.

I believe some aficionados are really finding opportunities to join the program. Until one ‘mistake’ day I mistakenly pressed the remote control button and the program strike again! --- the entertainment show hosted by this bitchy-ass one guy and I noticed that one of my friends that I knew was in the show… shooting at down under …. no joke!

From the series of ‘mistakes’ of pressing the remote control button that I have made, apparently I see this program does not deliver any message to the public. The program is pretty much into provoking, gossiping, flirting, ‘squid’ing with artistes and showing off their costumes particularly the host, 'simply-made nonsense' laughing, conversing in ‘rubbish’ language and hosting a ‘no-sense and irritating’ favourite game --- bully-wood.

In order to substantiate the money invested, I reckon the producer and broadcaster shall re-look into the format of the program. Rightfully it should serve as a good information and entertainment program and not ‘rubbish’. The program shall deliver more intellectual entertainment contents and art of good usage of language and most importantly, the messages should be well blended with high values and respects to others.

Hah! I guess that is why this guy still could not win any award from the industry. Why? I think you can guess……story no use beb! Jeng…jeng…jeng…..

Monday, April 04, 2005

Another award goes to ……..

What award? wooo….. Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABP-BH) 2004, another award giving event for the oustanding local artistes --- more awards the merrier for the industry and its community will be. The event was hosted by Fauziah Ahmad Daud a.k.a Ogy and Salih Yaakob. They seemed to be professional of its kind in handling the show not only good in conversing with audiences but of course, they managed to make the audiences enjoyed with their spontaneous and in-house jokes.

Well, I am not going to dispute who should win or whatnot but for me the matter is well thought through by readers of the newspaper. What interest me are the host and their gimmicks. Anyway, the event recalls me of the Juara Lagu 2004 which was televised ‘live’ sometime in January this year. That event was hosted by Sarimah Ibrahim ‘Minah Saleh Celup’ (as what she claimed in that event when she was proudly mentioning Vince Chong as one of the ‘celup’ clans) and Najib Ali (a cool dude from Singapore whom I met during the art exhibition at Rimbun Dahan).

Najib was cool, funny, spontaneous and experience when hosting such a prestige event but the partner, the ‘Minah Saleh Celup’ was sounded over excited and made the event in mayhem with her noise --- full with screaming than talking as well as likely to create irritating face expressions. Her tone was just liked she was in the zoo.

What to expect from such event is both of its contents and delivery. As a driver of the long hour event, the host shall play an influential and professional role in delivering the message (content) and draw the audiences’ attention and not to scream at them. It sounds easy to comment than done but what to do? Since she chooses to be in the entertainment and glamorous industry, therefore she must see this as a healthy +ve comment for improvement because she is at the eyes and ears of everybody.

I also overheard that there was a Beyonce of Malaysia and sometimes ago, J Lo of Malaysia and Tina Turner of Malaysia in our local industry --- who the hell are these people....body builders or a group of stand-up comedians? Who honoured such names to them? Why need to associate them with the international celebrities? Are they really talented, ‘open’ and ‘daring’ like those celebrities?

Last but not least, two thumbs up to Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin for her outstanding talent and being able to maintain herself-made popularity all these years.

And to Azman Yahya a.k.a Jinggo ‘Kampong Boy Rider Gang’ for the achievement and creative works that he has contributed to the industry which most of friends are not totally aware and discovered his talents during our study time at the ITM Manjung. He is supposed to be working in the bank or other similar business by now, that is what ‘Suwardi’ asked him to be. Whatever it is …. Syabas and we proud of you bro!!!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Should we judge the book or its cover or both?

For the last couple of weeks --- sometime in Dec 2004, there was a performance by The Slank, an Indon rock group over the Astro Prima. The Slank or The Slack? or whatever it was --- at first, I thought it was a 'slack and chokia' type of band as the boys looked haggard, oily faces and dressed in small tiny tight shirts and jeans.

Within that 30 minutes, the performance seemed to be entertaining and enjoyable one until my lil' Dia Nadia noticed and walked all the way up to the studio room and joined me for the show. Once in a while I saw she banged her head while enjoying the music and of course, her bottle of milk.

The lead vocalist was good in communicating with the audiences, energetic and has a good huskier voice as well as the band boys who backed him up melodically. They played rock ballad and blues genres with some mixtures of traditional musical sounds as additions to spices the ears of the audiences.

Obviously, the music was unique and the sound was far good than ours. The band has so far produced more than 10 albums and I assumed that it was among the best bands ever in Indonesia in recent years despite SO7, ADA, Gigi, Cokelat, Padi, Nasik Goreng Kampong, Rojak Mamak etc.

Anyway, this is not a cheap advertisement for the Slank but merely a lesson for our local bands. What can we learn from here? Don’t let us loose interest and expectation towards our local talents. Perhaps it won’t be like what had happened to our team in the ‘Tiger with beer in a Cup’ tournament recently.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Ikhlas from SQUiRREL Studio...

While some ignorant people were busy preparing for the New Year Celebration, 2005 without considering our PM's called for 'tak nak' to the celebration, as a sign of mourning for the casualties of Tsunami disaster --- at least, Ikhlas Shafee had shown some sympathy to the victims. This 7 year old 'honest' boy held a sneak preview on his visual art works on 30/12/04. As a new kid on the block, he is capable to express mixed feelings and colours in his works --- about loves, joy, sadness and caring for nature. Has a potential to be groomed further but he needs a close guidance and a lot of practices from his fellow mentors --- the father; Shafee a.k.a. Chief and the Art Teacher; Mrs. Nabiha Suhaimi.

The event was held to a close friends who were considerably as 'o-tai' in art industry and businesses --- among others were Ruhimi, Jai, U-Wei, Nazri, Jali, Izu, Smartos, Mat Meat and few other creative dudes.

Syabas Chief for organising the show for your lil' son and good dinner for us. It is a good start eventhough the year end is around the corner. Keep it up and perhaps Allah will bless and give us strengths to face new challenges in the new year.... Welcome 2005 and forget us not, 2004.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Artist and the Brushes

It is a norm for most of people to ‘clicking’ their mind that think artist is always being associated to an individual and the microphone or bands or movies?

Well, artists with brushes in their hands are a group of creative dudes who like to manipulate and experiment their creativity by pouring paints and clawing their brushes on canvas or whatever base they think best to throw them --- in a way, it is also a good therapy which teaches us to be patient and contain high dignity

Sunday, December 26, 2004

End of Another Year

Most of us are either looking forward for the new year to come or much regretted because they have to renew their resolutions.

How about art? Maybe it will still remain as it is or maybe it needs new creativity, revolution or approach to make our community aware and appreciates the efforts being made by the artists --- talking about environment, humanitarian, loves, natures and many more as what the artists like to manipulate through their minds.

However, do these artists really get what they are pursuing at this year?